The 5 Keys to Youthful Skin

    By Bonamour


Secret #1: Suncreen
Everyone wants to have more youthful skin! There are steps you can take to get beautiful skin without spending a fortune. Genetics influence the youthful looking skin of some lucky people, but that’s only one small part of the equation.

A healthy lifestyle makes you feel good and look healthy. Where it’s especially noticeable is your skin. Take care of yourself, and you’ll be taking care of your skin. Make these 5 key things part of your lifestyle, and you’ll see a more youthful looking complexion. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but it’s so important for your skin’s well being–wear sunscreen. Use it every day, even if it’s cloudy, even If you spend most of your time indoors.

Sunscreens prevent sunburn and premature aging–the wrinkling, sagging, and leathery texture of the skin. And of course, sunscreen has been proven to decrease the development of skin cancer. To thoroughly protect your skin, you want to use a full-spectrum sunscreen. That is, one that protects against the 2 types of UV rays–UVA and UVB.

UVA rays can pass through window glass, so even indoors, you’ll be susceptible to the harm they cause. They can prematurely age your skin, causing wrinkles and age spots. UVB rays are the leading cause of sunburn–glass windows will protect you from UVB rays.

How does sunscreen help make and keep your skin more youthful looking?
It helps to prevent brown spots and skin discolorations, reduce redness and blotchiness, and slows down the development of wrinkles. 90% of wrinkles are caused by the sun’s UVA light. Free radicals — like the kind formed by exposure to the sun– damage the membrane of skin cells, potentially allowing damage to the DNA of that cell.

Secret #2: Healthy Diet
Beauty truly does come from within. A well-balanced diet can make loads of difference in the appearance of your skin. What you eat becomes a part of not only your insides, but also the outer part of your body as well–your skin. The healthier the foods that you consume, the better your skin will look.

So put down the cookies and pizza and try to stick to a well balanced diet. You want your plate to look like a rainbow. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables, whole grains, “good fats” and lean meats, and fish will help beautify your skin.

Add “super-foods” to your diet. These contain large amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties that benefit overall skin health.
Some fruits and vegetables with a “high antioxidant capacity” include blueberries, blackberries, plums, artichokes, beans (black, red, and pinto), prunes, and pecans.

Secret #3: Sleep Well
It’s during the nighttime, when you’ve “powered down”, that your skin has a chance to repair and rejuvenate itself. You need to get deep sleep, so that your skin can undo the damage that occurred during the day, whether it was from the sun or other environmental factors. Also, sleep deprivation causes stress. When cortisol is released because you’re stressed, it can cause skin to age prematurely.

Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Keep your bedroom cool, quiet and dark, and use it only for sleeping. Try to sleep on your back. This will prevent creases on your face, and allow your skin to “breathe” while you’re sleeping.

Secret #4: Quality Beauty Products
Above and beyond sunscreen, you should use beauty treatments that contain quality ingredients. Science has made discoveries that benefit skin in very sophisticated ways. There are serums, cleansers and creams that can do wonders for the look and feel of your skin. You owe it to yourself to use the best products on the market. Why not use the science behind these innovative products? Sure these products may cost more, but the research behind them and the ingredients that they contain make them worth the extra cost.

Secret #5: Water
If you’re not getting enough water, it shows on your face. It looks dry, dull and droopy. Good hydration keeps your skin looking healthy and younger. You should drink 8 glasses of water per day. In addition to keeping cells hydrated, water helps cells move nutrients in and toxins out, leaving skin looking better. So there you have it, 5 Keys to Youthful Looking Skin. When you develop good habits with regards to eating, hydrating, exercise, sleep and sunscreen, you can see noticeable improvement in your skin. A healthy lifestyle will be rewarded with soft smooth skin that glows radiance and vitality.


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  1. I read to wind down before sleep, but heard that the light from my e-reader acts as a stimulant and makes it difficult to get to sleep. Thoughts on this?

  2. Beatriz Martinez

    There are so many SPF levels for sunscreen and quite frankly I don’t know which one is truly the best. Do you have any recommendations?

  3. And if the SPF levels are the same, which is better for your skin; oil or lotion?

  4. Light and darkness cue our bodies about when it’s time to rest or wake up. It stands to reason then, that any kind of light in the bedroom will affect your sleep patterns. Scientists have found that light from our electronics does seem to affect sleep as we are receiving alerting signals from the light, which delays the release of melatonin. They suggest we turn them off an hour before we normally go to bed. Read a book…it will help you relax and better prepare you for sleep.

  5. Whether you use oil or lotion becomes personal preference. A point to remember though, is that most oils do not have very high sunscreen levels…usually an SPF of less than 2.

  6. The rule of thumb recommended by Dermatologists, is that you use a suncreen with an SPF of 15 or higher but if you sunburn easily, then use a sunsreen with an even higher SPF to get that additional protection. The SPF should be your guide regarding which brand to buy. Just because they are more expensive, does not mean that the quality is any better.

  7. @Beatriz Martinez I agree with you Beatriz. Not only are there so many levels, but what about brands. Does that make a difference?

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