Susan Sarandon Beauty Secrets

    By Bonamour

Actress Susan Sarandon is universally regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, which is quite remarkable, considering the fact that she is now 68 years old. The years have been especially kind to Ms. Sarandon, and it is fair to say that anyone trying to guess her age who knows nothing at all about her, would undoubtedly understate her age by a decade or two. She seems to have captured the fountain of youth that many women have sought through the ages, and yet when asked about that topic, she does not reference any unusual routines that have helped her to maintain a youthful appearance.

Ms. Sarandon insists that her lifestyle has been far more important in keeping a young look than any attempts to ward off the effects of old age through specific programs or treatments. “A lot of it is down to keeping happy and staying curious, and keeping a sense of humor,” she declares. This is not to say that she doesn’t use any kind of skin care treatment, but the actress does believe that no program can successfully retain youthful looking skin if a person is beset by worry and stress, and is fundamentally unhappy with his or her life.

Susan Sarandon has much to be proud of and happy about in her personal life and in her career as an actress. Since the time she first appeared on film in 1975’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, she has become one of America’s best-loved actresses, even winning an Oscar for her performance in “Dead Man Walking”. She had a long, happy marriage to Tim Robbins, during which time her two sons were born to the couple, and though she parted ways with him in 2009, she considers it a wonderful time of her life.

Ms. Sarandon does offer a few tips to stave off premature aging of the skin; however, and these are also lifestyle-related. She recommends not smoking cigarettes, because “…smoking is the worst for the skin. And apart from that, just practice moderation, because too much of anything takes its toll. Not too much sun, not too much alcohol, not too much food….”

To her, concentrating on the positive aspects of aging makes more sense than thinking about the ravages of time, and trying every concoction under the sun to prevent it from happening. She considers it more beneficial to a person to embrace yourself just as you are at every age, and love the person inside so that an inner peace can fuel the external view that the world sees of you.

In other words, any obsession about trying to look younger will likely only lead to more frustration and failure, which will in turn be reflected in your visible aspect. Better by far, is to follow a simple skin care regimen, and whatever the results, embrace the inner self as being the best version of yourself that you can be. By accepting this inner person as is, stress and frustration melt away, and inner beauty can rise to the surface.

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