How the Bonamour treatment works

Bonamour Rejuvenating Trio is The World’s First skin treatment with Active Plant Stem Cells™ and the only product on the market today containing ‘hi-drāt™ counteragent as an active ingredient. Developed based on breakthrough 2012 Nobel Prize research & discovery, proving that mature skin cells can be reprogrammed to a pluripotent stem cells.

First the skin needs to be prepared to effectively absorb the Bonamour ‘hi-drāt™ counteragent and ignite the stem cells potency to carry the DNA gene expression of the plant deep inside skin tissue

How Bonamour works - step 1

1st Step – Skin Cleanse & Exfoliation

First phase takes 2 to 3 weeks and starts with applications of Klenz to gently exfoliate and soften external skin tissue. Along with recommended diet and REM sleep inducer, this phase helps to build stress free environment, naturally enhance absorption of nutrients, balance the skin tone, minimize appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations.

Following timeline and applications schedule are crucial components of Bonamour treatment in order to achieve superior results and effectively reprogram inhabited cellular skin schema

How Bonamour works - step 1

2nd Step – Hydration & Nutrition

Bonamour Activating Mineral Mist supplies vital nutrients for younger-looking skin. The toner locks in moisture and increases hydration, adding a boost of natural-looking skin volume. It works by encouraging cell turnover, facilitating elimination of free radicals, before they can harm your skin, giving you a radiant and supple complexion.

Stem cell application is final and most important step of the treatment. This procedure can only work if skin has been previously prepared to absorb hi-drat solution

How Bonamour works - step 1

3rd Step – Stem Cell Application

Third and final step of treatment is to effectively deliver Hi-drat counteragent and Active Plant Stem Cells from Bonamour solution deep into the skin tissue. These chameleon-like cells, can morph or differentiate, into other cell types to help the skin to regenerate.

This ability makes them invaluable in the Bonamour cosmetic application.


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  1. What’s the difference between Bonamour and other anti-aging treatments?

  2. Bonamour is the only product on the market today containing ‘hi-drāt™ counteragent, a patented formula developed based on 2012 Nobel Price discovery that mature skin cells can be re-programmed back to its pluripotent stem cells. ‘hi-drāt™ counteragent is a powerful blend of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredient, but it’s effectiveness is dramatically enhanced when used in conjunction with Bonamour
    klenz™ and akte-vāt™.

  3. Since SPF is so important in avoiding skin damage, does Bonamour include any products with the added protection or is it inherently within the ingredients?

  4. Hi Thirza, thank you for your question, we get that a lot actually. We just published a blog post about SPF you may find it interesting:

  5. In my humble opinion, I believe the confirmed benefits of providing SPF, outweigh the potential problems and hope that this will be an area open for discussion within the company. Of course, any of the identified 25 completely safe SPF ingredients could also be a consideration…

  6. Hello Thirza, thanks for your continued interest in this topic. We’re currently holding internal discussion about SPF use in Bonamour products. We will post more on this subject as the information comes in.

  7. Things will go ok for awhile and then boom,someone or something kicks me in the gut.I want something to help me feel better when I look in the mirror. Need something for eye area which looks terrible. Need different hair style and color needs to be lightened. HELP

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