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Dr. Lee specializes in skin aging and has studied Japanese Kampo medicine, which is based on the healing properties of botanicals. She is passionate about skincare and believes that skin aging is reversible with the right skincare program combined with maintaining a proper diet. She says that eating less sugar will boost skin radiance.

When she saw the Bonamour research in the New England Journal of Science, she decided to learn more and is now an advocate for this skincare program. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian focus on the texture and tone of their skin. Angelina Jolie wants to maintain youthful, radiant skin. Dr. Lee has seen dramatic results with her various clients and credits, so we asked her to provide her insights into the reasons for such success.

Bonamour: You emphasize the need to follow the recommended schedule outlined by Bonamour. Why?

Dr. Lee: I’ve tried using the products both ways. Initially, I used only the hi-drat solution and then used the cleanser once a day. Although I saw positive results, I wanted to see what would happen if I followed the steps outlined in the brochure. I could really see a difference in applying it correctly with the Klenz and the Activating Mist, after approximately 2 months.

Bonamour: What were the most significant changes you saw in your skin?

Dr. Lee: My skin felt softer, had more elasticity and the longer I used it, I noticed that skin discolorations were dissolving, which helped even out my skin tone too.

Bonamour: How often do I need to use the skin care?

Dr. Lee: You will see the best results if you use it twice a day; morning and evening. It is especially important to use it at night to remove make-up and environmental debris that accumulates on your skin during the day.

Bonamour: What makes this product better than any of the other skincare treatments out there?

Dr. Lee: Bonamour Rejuvenating Trio is the world’s first skin treatment that contains Active Plant Stem Cells. Their Scientists found that by incorporating Plant Stem Cells into skin creams and by interacting with human skin stem cells,  they would be able to significantly reduce wrinkles and make the skin look younger.

About Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee received her bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University and her medical doctorate from the University of California,San Diego. She completed her dermatology residency at Harvard Medical School and returned to Southern California in 1983 where she received her Board Certification in Dermatology.


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  1. My moisturizer has an SPF of 15. Is that enough?

  2. Thank you for your recommendation. Because you are a dermatologist, I appreciate knowing that you’ve tried this and it works!

  3. I’ve been using these products for about 2 months and have been amazed at the difference it has made to my skin. You are right though. It’s important to follow the recommended schedule. It really does make a difference to how well they work.

  4. My skin has always been more on the sensitive side, so I worry that my face will get red and flaky. What do you think?

  5. When you have sensitive skin you need to use gently cleansers that will moisturize. Look for cleansers with vitamin C and avoid any cleansers that have Sodium Laureate Sulfate or Ammonium Laureth.

  6. If you are working indoors and outside in direct sunlight for short periods of time, then yes. Otherwise make sure that you protect your skin and add additional sun screen.

  7. I have been using the Bonamour products for almost a month, I had used a clarisonic for years and now a Foreo, so I feel as I have exfoliated daily for years. I added the akte-vat and hi-drat about 10 days ago. I have been using the Bonamour products exclusively, but my question is regarding a night cream. I add a night cream right before I go to sleep… it’s a different line. Is that ok or will it interfere with the hi-drat? I’m seeing progress but of course I want to biggest bang I can get as quickly as possible.
    Thanks for your expertise! I look forward to your response!

  8. I am used to using a night cream; will it interfer with the Bonamour process since it is from a different line? I have been using Bonamour for almost a month.
    Thanks for your expertise!

  9. Welcome back Thirza! Your results may vary depending on the ingredients of the night cream you’re using. Bonamour does not recommend using product outside of skincare line while on Bonamour Trio treatment as it may affect results. It is advised that you add a Bonamour Ke-rekt night cream at your discretion (please contact Bonamour CS for your member discount). If you notice a decline in the results you’re currently getting, discontinue use of the current night cream.

  10. Thanks so much! I will definitely add the night cream. I thought the ke-rect was an eye cream…either way, I know I want it !

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