Bonamour treatment results

While you should see significant overall results from using the Bonamour Trio, each product will have individual results that combined, will provide you with the changes to your skin that you are looking for.

comparison-before-afterKlenz is designed to eliminate the dead skin cells and soften the external skin tissue to enhance the absorption of the essential nutrients. The Activating Mineral Mist (Akte-Vat) works with Klenz in encouraging cell turnover and in facilitating the elimination of free radicals before they can harm your skin. It helps lock in moisture and supply vital nutrients for younger looking skin. The Hydrate Cellular Renewal Complex (Hi-drat) is made with the Bonamour exclusive Active Plant Stem Cell Technology and is designed to slow the effects of aging and stimulate the production of collagen, which is what gives your skin the youthful elasticity that usually declines with age.

* individual results may vary

By following the schedule outlined in the Bonamour program, your results may be quite dramatic. Bonamour may help with:

  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Lighter & brighter appearance of the skin
  • Reduction in discoloration and pigmentation
  • Improvement in skin texture, tone and decreased pore size
  • A more radiant complexion
  • Increased elasticity of the skin results in younger looking skin

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Bonamour Rejuvenation Trio offers unique properties not traditionally used in the skincare industry.  The uncommon ingredients and technologies used are achieving remarkable results.  Stem cells in skin care products are cutting edge technology. No other products take this angle.  Often, skin care products with snake venom to partially paralyze facial muscles and relax wrinkles or other harmful ingredients are pushed with the idea that by hurting your skin you can actually help it. Bonamour Rejuvenation takes a different approach and the results are equally standalone.  Bonamour Rejuvenation is revolutionary by using stem cells to nourish the skin.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are pure potential. These cells are capable of growing into whatever type of cell is necessary for the success of the body. Embryos are very rich in stem cells, as these tiny humans (or animals) are in the process of developing the cells are not all assigned to parts of the body. As the embryo becomes a fetus, a baby, a child, and finally an adult, the body maintains a stock of stem cells prepared for any illness or injury so that the body can repair itself.(  As the skin ages, these precious cells have the potential to help the skin repair itself and become youthful once again.

Swiss Apple Stem Cells

The Swiss apple stem cells used in Bonamour Rejuvenation Trio are particularly beneficial to the skin because they increase the life span of skin stem cells and combat chronological aging of the skin. (  The Swiss apple, which is bitter compared to other apples, was prized for its ability to stay in fresh condition long after it had been plucked from the tree.

Impressive Results in Lab Studies

The stem cells from this rare apple were used in a clinical trial at a 2% solution applied to the crow’s feet on test subjects between ages 37 and 64.  In the test, there was improvement in visible wrinkles on 100% of the test subjects. (  This is seriously impressive.  Improvement in crow’s feet wrinkles by nourishing the skin instead of partially paralyzing the muscles beneath is unheard of.

Anatomy of Wrinkles and Bonamour Rejuvenation Trio Helps

Facial skin has many layers.  While fine lines come from stress and dehydration on the upper layers of the skin, deeper wrinkles come from deeper sources.  Sun damage goes deep beneath the surface of the skin, often not even showing up until years later.  This type of damage affects the structure of the skin, showing up as wrinkles in the aging process.  Collagen production in the skin also slows with aging. Collagen is important because it provides elasticity.  When the skin is exfoliated, the skin scrambles to repair what it considers to be a mild ambush and boosts the collagen production.  With aging, one has to be careful not to thin the skin out with too much exfoliation or other thinning agents like Retin-A.  The Hyaluronic Acid and herbal extracts in Bonamour’s Rejuvenation Trio helps the skin to experience mild exfoliation and boosts collagen production without thinning the skin.