Bonamour Rejuvenation Trio

Bonamour Trio

Bonamour Rejuvenating Trio

The World’s First skin treatment with Active Plant Stem Cells

Developed based on breakthrough 2012 Nobel Prize research & discovery, proving that mature skin cells can be reprogrammed to a pluripotent stem cells.

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Bonamour Rejuvenating Trio is the first in its kind, skin restoration treatment, formulated with Active Plant Stem Cell Technology™ and ‘hi-drāt™ counteragent.
It aims to trigger a cell reprogramming mechanism delivered by selected plant stem cell properties to induce a natural defense and healing process. It provides an ideal solution for skin discolorations and imperfections caused by UV ray exposure, the harsh environment or age.

The Bonamour Rejuvenating Trio contains 3 products for successful anti-aging treatment:

Bonamour also offers an eye repair cream – Bonamour kə-‘rekt™, available as an extra item.

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